There's a new color scheme being served up all over the neighborhood. 
I call it Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese.

When I was at lunch at Sam's in South Boston recently and saw it on the menu,
I just couldn't resist ordering it so I could juxtapose the photos.

This is a two-family house I wanted to buy several years ago.  It was about as crusty as
a grilled cheese sandwich back then and I decided it was too scary of the project.
Someone bought it, fixed it up and flipped half of the house for the same price
as they paid for the entire house.

It was then I learned, don't be afraid of crustiness.


This house was the first in the neighborhood to use TS&GC color scheme
about three years ago.   The others all quickly jumped on board.


This one switched things up a little bit with bronze window sashes.

photo:  me

I think I like it better with black accents.

What do you think?  Could you warm up to TS&GC on your house?