Things are moving along.  The old back door has been removed and covered up
and the new French door has been framed in.  I may leave the upstairs door
until spring.  I'm over budget and need to make cuts.

The first floor porch is framed and the forms for the piers and new stairs were made...

...and poured the next day.

I planned wood stairs but switched to cement at the last minute.
I get huge icebergs that form along the edge of the porch roof that
eventually come crashing down and I thought the concrete would
end up being a lot less maintenance.   I thought this was a concession
but I really like how they turned out.

The edges of the cement were softened with a 1/4 round edger before the
cement was totally set .  I think it makes a big difference.  They look very similar
the steps on the old townhouses in Back Bay and the South End of Boston.

Inside, the new kitchen joists and subfloor are in.  Just like brand-new.

Having a new solid, level floor made me consider doing a tile floor in the kitchen
but I really think I'm going to stick with wood.  I'll probably use the same
white oak flooring I have in the rest of the house but bleach and/or pickle it.

The new floor joists span the second (inner) foundation so blocking was put in
so foam insulation can be sprayed in the unheated space between those two foundations.

The plumbing and electrical should start next week.

The new plumbing stack has claimed a new victim:  the upstairs bathroom.
To get the plumbing stack and vents tucked back into the kitchen wall, they'll
need to pass through the upstairs bathroom.  It just seemed easier to open
up those walls to do the plumbing.

This bathroom is also going to be renovated but it
had to get cut from the budget in this phase. 

Notice the wall where the sink was mounted under the window.
It's an historical document to all the colors the bathroom has
been painted in the past.

And one small section makes a wonderful abstract painting.

I'll be busy this weekend picking my appliances and light fixtures.
It feels like such a commitment.