Last weekend Emma and I tagged along with Mike back to the Boston area for a work trip.  He travels there often, but we haven't been back since we moved back "home" last year.  We had a fabulous time visiting some of our friends and old favorites - Concord, Beacon Hill and Back Bay.  We also took a little trip out to Nantucket for the night - the one place we never got to go that was on my list.  I'll be sharing more (a lot more...) photos later this week, but first I wanted to share this little tiny arrangement inspired by our trip.

My Mother-in-Law is a fabulous traveler and always does a ton of shopping on their trips.  Their house is filled with pieces of art, blankets, pottery, china, etc. that all have special meaning and were collected along the way - not gift shop type souvenirs, but beautiful things that they love from specialty boutiques, inns and farms.  I recently noticed a new engraved pewter champagne bucket at their house - apparently, they ordered it while at Blackberry Farm this last Fall on a trip for their anniversary.  Now every time she walks by it she's reminded of their special weekend. 

In the past I'd never been one to stock up while away, but I have found that the "souvenirs" we buy always bring such great memories back to us when we get home.  So, I started taking cues from Joy and buying treats on our trips we can use in our home that will take us back to those special moments.

One afternoon, Emma and I went out to our old town, Concord, Ma, for a visit.  We had coffee with an old friend and stopped by all of my favorite shops.  The first on my list was Winston Flowers.  You might remember my posts about Winston's when we lived there.  It is in the middle of the quaint town center and filled with really inspired, lovely flowers.  Once a week I used to stroll Emma there to pick out flowers.  They have the most beautiful things - and most are very simple and common items, but are designed in special ways.

When I saw this arrangement I knew it would be the perfect "Joy-style" souvenir to take home with us.  It is a cabbage rosette (the center of a cabbage, stripped of most of the big leaves), mini preserved oak leaves, rosemary sprigs, white hydrangea and a paperwhite bulb.  I love that all of the elements are so seasonal, but presented in a unique and modern style.

I asked them to deconstruct two arrangements for me so I could carry them on the plane, then reassemble them when I got home.

It starts with a small sprig of hydrangea broken off from a larger bloom.

Then I added the cabbage.

Next, I tucked in the oak leaves on one side, then added the paperwhite.  Keeping the colors together makes it very natural and gathered looking.

I just love this arrangement.  My rosemary plant isn't looking as good as it was when we left, so I still need to add some of that when I make it to the store later today.

The best part of this arrangement is that it will keep for weeks, all I have to do is replenish the hydrangea after it wilts with a new one - the other elements are really long lasting.

I've included other photos of Winston's below - enjoy!

Here is the Concord Town Center - the most charming little New England town.  Here is a link to my Fall Foliage post in Concord from two years ago with lots of photos of the town.  I'll be sharing the rest of my photos from our trip this week and some new hostess ideas for Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!