I painted each of the Farrow & Ball colors on a square of card stock.
I've never done well painting them on the wall for some reason.  By
using card stock, I was able to get two nice coats of color on each one
and I'm now able to move them around the kitchen at different times
of the day to see how they look against different elements of the room.

I've included a mockup of one of the columns which has had a larger
plinth block added to the bottom to bring it up to cabinet height because
I think the style of the piece plays a role in the color choice.

Here's a list of the colors:

1.  Charleston Gray
2.  Lamp Room Gray
3.  Ammonite
4.  Purbeck Stone
5.  Mole's Breath
6.  Elephant's Breath
7.  Manor House Gray
8.  Skimming Stone
9.  Hardwick White

3. and 8. were possible wall colors but all of the colors
were darker than I expected so I don't really want them.

The little white half moons on each card are where I painted
around my thumb.  It's nice to have that white reference.

I was surprised a few days ago with news from the appliance store that
my range came in!  So here are all of the colors alongside the floor color
and a little peek of the stainless steel so you can take everything into consideration.

Oh, up at the very top is a square of the white paint I've used on the walls
throughout the house.  I think I'm going to keep that the same so the wall
color is carried throughout the house just like the floors.

I love one color in particular, with one close second, but I thought
it would be fun to see what you all had to say.

I should also add that now the piece is out of the fluorescent light and sunlight,
the wood color isn't half bad.  The question is would I be able to make the new
bits of wood match the old?  I might try before I paint it.  I'm proceeding cautiously.