The results of my little poll were quite interesting.  I don't think there
were any wrong answers but you sure had a favorite.

Purbeck Stone won by an almost 2 to 1 margin over any other color.

The mid tones received 54 votes, the dark tones received
32 votes and light values received 12 votes.

And some of you have real commitment issues!

For the few of you that liked the lights, I'm with you.  I love a light kitchen
especially when it's got rich brown floors.  This Darryl Carter kitchen
is one of my favorites.  I do think, though, that the heft of this cabinetry
piece requires a color with a little more weight.

Some of you that liked the darks.

These are very handsome kitchens but I think some of the fantastic
details in the store counter would get lost wearing this deep colors.

Victoria Hagan
 The mid-values feel the most historic to me.  This kitchen seems
to be in the Elephant's Breath, Purbeck Stone zone. 

I love when the trim is painted to match the cabinetry.

Farrow & Ball Hardwick White

The real sleeper of the bunch was Hardwick White.  I think this
greenish gray would be really handsome with the chestnut floors. 

My favorites?
Purbeck Stone, Lamp Room Gray and Hardwick White.
I also love Manor House Gray but I think it's a little too
dark and a little too blue for the orange tones in the wood.

A few of you refused to answer because you liked the wood.

And you know what?

 You might be right!

As the cabinet bases are going in,
I'm really liking the warm honey tones of the wood.

This is a really tough decision.

The problem is, how do I make the new wood bits that were
added match the old wood.  I guess I need to start mixing up stain samples.
Maybe I can do it, maybe I can't.  But I need to try before I put any paint on this wood.

Maybe I can color match a few areas on the wood and faux it?

Any suggestions?

It could look like this.  Sweet!