So here are four options I brought home from Freddy Farkel's, a discount fabric warehouse. They let you take these sample home for a $25 deposit each but it's really nice to live with them for a few days. Behind the sofa, the lower one is kind of a ticking or awning stripe. It's okay. The colors match perfectly and it's classic but I think I should be more excited about it. The upper one is a gray-brown tweed (detail below) which is masculine, and matches the sofa, but--YAWN!--excuse me.
So let's switch them around and put the other two behind the sofa. The lower one is another awning stripe that brings an olivey green in to the mix (impossible to see in the photo) and the other one is is an unbleached muslin with black velvet curves. It's definitely more modern and not as safe. It's my favorite out of these two. So let's take a look at my favorite two a little closer.
Here's a closeup of the sofa and chair with the larger awning stripe behind the -- WAIT, what's that? It looks like the barley twist table from Charles Street. Yes, this is the piece that made its way home with me.
When I went back to the store, I saw a woman standing in front of my table and I overheard the salesperson saying that she could take 20 percent off. But then the woman left. So I said to the salesperson, "I'm interested in this table." Her jaw kind of dropped and she said "Well, that woman just went home to measure and see if it would fit in her den."
" it for sale?" "Well....uhm....yes, I guess so...she didn't ask me to hold it." So I asked, "And did I hear you say that you could take 20 percent off?" So there it is. I think it's a little big for in here and I'm not in love with the color, but that can be tweaked. It might not stay in this room but I love it and I'll find a place.
But, I digress. Back to the awning stripe. It's okay. It matches perfectly, it's got some nice texture but I think it's kind of boring.

Remember I was kind of going for this look and I don't think this room would have this fabric.

And I wanted to do something like this on the other side of the room. The stripe in the material sort of emulates the striped wallpaper but it's a different feel. So I don't think so.

I could see the room above having blinds in this fabric; in fact, the curves kind of remind me of the deer atlers that WON'T be finding a place in my living room so this pattern could create the Bambi-free version of the room.

Here's a same fabric behind the chair with a different "hobnail" table that was originally in the room. The color of this table works better but I still don't know about the fabric. I had friend come over and I asked for an opinion. "ANYTHING BUT THIS ONE!"

Do I really need to copy another room? Can't I come up with one on my own that's just as nice?

So I haven't ruled the velvet curves out but I think I need to go back for another try. I think I'd like to try something with a little color this time.