Amaryllis La Paz

This La Paz amaryllis is a stunner.   ¡Muy caliente!

Charo-does-the-Dance-of-the-Seven-Veils amaryllis.

Saucy, exotic and alluring.

Floral fireworks.

Amaryllis La Paz
Yesterday was our first measurable--and shovelable--snow.  So much different than last year.  But despite the mild winter we've had thus far, it's nice to have this reminder of spring that's still a few months away.

And how incredible that two stalks decided to put on their show at the same time!

I'm completely head over heels for this beauty and I'll be buying several of them next year.

The perfect flower for the first anniversary fiesta of Small but Charming's 
Flowers in the House party.  Stop in and say hi.

Have a great week!