I do not hesitate to invest in furniture pieces that will last a lifetime.  Somethings, however, I can't stand to spend money on.  For Emma's nursery (to see all of the photos, click here!), we spent our money on the Crib and Chair.  I knew I would need a high quality and comfortable chair, and we selected a classic crib that will never go out of style so I didn't mind spending the money on those two items.

When we went to order the ottoman that went along with the rocker/glider from Pottery Barn Kids, I was shocked that it was almost $450!  For a little padded box?  I just couldn't do it.  So, Mike and I set out on a mission to create our own matching ottoman.  With great success we created a perfectly suited version for less than $50.  We were so excited that we made a coffee table version for our living room, too.

DIY Ottoman Materials : 

4" Foam Pad
Soft Wool Batting
Staple Gun & Staples
Cream Twill
4 Furniture Legs

Here is the photo DIY :

Mike made a box out of plywood screwed together.

 We topped it with a 4" piece of foam.
 Then covered the entire top and sides with batting, stapling it underneath.
 We turned the box over, foam side down to cover the box.

 We repeated the step with a soft wool batting for a smooth finish under the final twill upholstery fabric.

 I covered the entire thing in a cream twill upholstery that I ordered from Pottery Barn to match the chair.  I created the cover by draping the fabric inside out, then tapering the sides with pins.  Then I sewed seems down the sides and where the pins were to create a tight slip cover.  I trimmed the excess and then stapled it underneath.  To finish, I glued a square of fabric on the underside of the ottoman for a finished look. 
Here you can see how I pinned down the sides to create a tight slipcover.

To complete, just attach furniture legs.  We bought legs and the mounts at Home Depot for about $15 total... I'm still trying to decide if I like the legs we selected, or if I want something chunkier.  They have many other choices there.  After I decide, then I'll need to decide if I want to paint or stain them... or leave them natural.  Never ends!  I'll keep you posted on how I finish them!