Vanilla Bean Paste, $12
a whole new level of vanilla

If you are like me and have been swooned by the warm, seductive flavor of real vanilla beans, then this will change your life - available in my store for $12.  Well, at least your baking.  It is a thick, gel syrup that is packed full of real vanilla bean seeds - you can use it in the place of Vanilla Extract in any recipe.  No scraping, no cutting the beans in half, these seeds are already harvested.  At $12 for the entire bottle you can use all you'd like.  Add the power of real vanilla beans and those luscious black specs of vanilla beans to coffee, whipped cream, sugar cookies, custard sauce, cheesecake, brownie mix... whatever will make your day! 

Some of my favorite Vanilla Bean Recipes :

Meringues on Warm Vanilla Bean Custard

Vanilla Syrup | Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake