Nothing pleases me more than to hear from people who read my blog and feel inspired to comment.  I like getting e-mails with questions or people who want to share their experience in renovating an old house.  But I was more than excited to get an e-mail from a follower named Ruth who performed an experiment with paperwhites using gin to keep them from getting too leggy.  The left pot received just water; the pot on the right got an application of gin as described in the Yankee magazine article.  As you can see, the right pot is nice and compact while in full boom.

As impressed as I am with the paperwhite experiment, can we just talk about this vignette?  As eager as I was to see the result of Ruth's experiment, my attention was almost immediately drawn away to the composition of this grouping.  I love how the textures of paperwhites, the fossil and the animal print book (I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson) all work beautifully together.  The small frame and what I would guess is an antique compass complement the theme.  And how perfect is the grasscloth?

I want to thank Ruth for sending the photo and for agreeing to share it with everyone!