I felt like I needed a day to clear my head so I cleared my schedule and decided to head up to Rockport and Essex, Massachusetts today.  Two days of rain yielded to a sunny morning on land but the stubborn fog held on to the harbor.

Rockport is an old fishing village and artist community.  This old red fishing shack, purported to be the most painted building in America, has become affectionately known as Motif #1.

Paintings and photographs bearing the "Motif #1" title can be found all over town and probably in galleries all over the world.  I see them on ebay all the time. 

This Anthony Thieme oil painting dates to 1938.

Although I'm sure locals will roll their eyes, its position at the end of a pier makes it charming from almost every angle.

The tall ship "Formidable" was docked at the end of Tuna Wharf and the sun was illuminating the water from behind.  The color was amazing.

Study in Blue.  Does anyone know the shrub?  I don't.

Steps down to the water.

Roy Moore Lobster Co. on Bearskin Neck.

I asked the shop if I could take a photo of the inside and they yanked this big boy out for me.

Eight pounds!


(Sorry little guy.)

Bearskin Neck cottages.

Cottage detail.  Can you see the carved face in the beam in the upper left?

More cottages.

A little afternoon fog bank moving in off the back harbor.

A sweet little quiet spot.

And a freshly planted window box announces the arrival of our planting season.

I have more to show you of Rockport and Essex, Massachusetts but it was a wonderful long day and that's all I got for now.