Emma's 1st nursery, as you may recall, was painted powder blue with ivory and charcoal grey accents.  I had full intentions of painting her new room a very similar shade, but something was pulling me in the pink direction...  I guess it was Emma!

Now that we know her sweet little personality, she really seems like a pink girl (as her closet confirms).  I had the room painted Ben Moore Pristine.  It is found amongst the "Whites" and is more of a cream with pink/peach undertones.  In Emma's very small room, the painted walls feed off of each other and enhance the color to feel perfectly pink.  I'm soooo glad we didn't go with a more saturated hue.  A re-paint would definitely be in order.

Walls : Ben Moore Pristine, Flat
Trim : Navajo White, Satin
Ceiling : Bone White at 50%

We kept most of the elements of her first room, including the ivory slipcovered rocker from Pottery Barn Kids.  My Mom made the quilt for me about 6 years ago. 

Emma's little buddies - the lamb from Pottery Barn Kids and the Sheep Blah Blah Doll Mike's mom bought for her during their stay at Blackberry Farm.

The pink dot curtains are from Pottery Barn Kids, as well as her lamb rocking "horse."  I had a Martha Stewart carpet (style : Olana, color : Bone Folder) from the Home Depot cut to fit her room with a 6" border around the room to show the wood floor.   I also had one cut for our bedroom and runners for the and hallway.

Notice the lamb theme still continues... from the blue room to the pink room!

More buddies - Jelly Cat dolls and a Blah Blah rattle.  You might remember this Blah Blah rattle is what originally inspired the room's design... until I changed it.

Lots of baskets filled with toys... my #1 organizational tip for keeping things "neat," although I've given up on trying to make the house look perfect every moment of the day.  The baskets do make picking up really easy... I'm sure there are socks and pj's and who knows what else also stuffed in the basket.  It is the equivalent of "under the bed" cleaning...

We keep a basket of Emma's books by the big chair for story time.

Here is another view of the room that shows her little tree in the dormer.

This was one of the trees that I used for the Home Depot Style Challenge.  I spray painted the urn navajo white to make the trim in her room.

I decorated it with my Hallmark Mary's Angels collection.

Every year it is our family tradition for the God Parents to give their God Children ornaments. 

My Godmother/Aunt Phyllis gave me the Angels - and I still love them.  My Mom officially handed them over to me this year.  

My sister, one of Emma's godparents, has continued the tradition and started giving Emma an angel ornament each year from the same Hallmark collection.

 Emma is checking them out... I think this shot was immediately followed by a dropped ornament.

This is the first one I received - the original "Mary."  I think she looks a little like Emma!

 These Emma photos hang in a line above her rocking chair - all pics from 4 - 6 mos.

We are stilling using the blanket chest as a changing table as we did in her first room.  It will eventually get replaced with a chest of drawers when Emma needs more storage.  Speaking of storage - did I mention that Emma has a giant closet?  In the future, I hope to transform it into a whimsical tiny play room.

I made this memory board to hang above her changing table.  It is covered in the same fabric as her curtains.   DIY to follow!  Her and Mr. Darcy's 2nd set of stockings are hung above the changing table with care...

Speaking of Mr...  he's confused - where all of the toys are that are usually covering the floor!?

If you'd like to tour the rest of our house, visit this link!


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