Re-enactment photo.  It was REALLY pouring
On Saturday I went to the garden center to look at the wreaths and garlands and to pick out my tree.  It was pouring rain but I was well prepared with the proper shoes, coat and umbrella.
I walked around in the rain and examined every tree looking for the perfectly "imperfect" tree.  I picked one--a little crooked and thin in places--flagged down the Tree Dude who grabbed a "Sold" ticket and wrote my name on it.  I went to the checkout to pay for the tree and met Tree Dude back my car to load it up.  I drove home, put on my gardening gloves and dragged the tree into the house. 
Why are trees always so much bigger when you get them into the house? 
I had to cut almost a foot off of it!
I put in it in the stand, filled it with water, cut away the netting to release its branches
and went to take off the tags. 
I have the Reagens tree and I just cut a foot off it!  It's a very full, nearly perfect tree.
I wonder which tree the Reagens got?
* * * * *

Last year when I was looking for the perfect woodland themed decorations for my weeping spruce, I found these pricey--I guess you Brits or Aussies would call it spendy--grapevine orb lights.  In my defense, I only needed one strand and I think they were a much more reaonable $36.
Anyway, I realized the error of my ways when I got to see them in person.

So this year, I found these grapevine spheres on Amazon.
I'm sure they have them at craft stores everywhere as well.
These were less than $5 a bag.

All you have to do is put the lights on your tree and pop the spheres over the lights
wherever you want them on the tree.  So much cheaper.
Here's a few other things I'm putting on the tree.

I bought two Boston ferns at Home Depot around Halloween.  $5 each.
I did a few cutting samples and the fronds stay green for about
three to four weeks before they start looking funky.

I wrapped the ends in floral wire so they'll curve into little hooks.

I also trimmed what was left of my Limelight hydrangea
and gave them a few highlights with gold spray paint.
As you can see, I'm doing very nature inspired decorations.
It'll probably be Saturday before I can take good pictures of the final tree.
I'm sure the Reagens will be very happy with how I decorated their tree!