Summer's really not complete without a trip to the strawberry patch.  For the last two years, I competed in the Verrill Farm Strawberry Recipe Contest (which I never won...), but now that we're back home I wasn't sure where we'd go for picking. 

Emma is just ripe for the picking age! Children are welcome at strawberry patches - they are just the right height.   It was so fun to see her get to explore and run and pick and eat without having to constantly tell her "no."

When I was young I was crazy for strawberries.  I've shared this photo before, but it really is worth sharing again.  Here I am on my 2nd Birthday - complete with a "Strawberry Shortcake" cake and a punkin' pie haircut... looking so much like my Emma.

Enjoy our photos from our day in the Strawberry Patch!

At least once a week I try to find an activity that is all about Emma. 

Sometimes I feel like our typical days are filled with things she can't do - open certain cabinets, climb on the furniture, run down the driveway... with anything but her toys, spray the windex, or run around Target like a madwoman. 

Both of us have so much fun when we do things and go places where she can have free rein and do whatever she wants to do without me holding her back. 

On our special Emma days, I try not to have the camera in her face, too much...

...or make her pose, or try to get the perfect shot of her smiling.

  I just let her be and do whatever she wants to. 

Even if that means running through fields...

She has a great time and I'm usually rewarded with a big smile... and very long nap-time in the afternoon!