This is one of my all time favorite arrangements that I created for the blog - perfect for Mother's Day.  I made it when we were living in Concord and lilacs were ev-erywhere.  Everywhere.  I borrowed these blooms from neighbors and friends that had giant glorious bushes.  The entire town seemed to be brimming with lilacs.  (Step-by-step post for arrangement, here.) That is one of the things I miss about living in that little New England town.  But, one of the reasons I'm glad to be back home is that I get to spend holidays like Mother's Day with my family. 

This year I have put together some ideas for great gifts for your Mom, Grandma or Mom of your Grandchildren.  Do you ever notice how Mother's Day seems to be more about Moms giving each other gifts? : )   I also have a few new products to add to your gift giving list - a new Everyday Candle and Printable Labels.

The new Everyday Candle was made with the month of May in mind - a soft, powdery scent with hints of gardenia and lily of the valley.  It so subtle and lovely - perfect for a Mothers Day gift or for the Bride-to-be. 
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Hydrangea Cupcake Kit

This is one of the first ideas I introduced in the store last Summer.  I still love it, and it is still one of my most popular posts.  If you have a Mom that loves to create beautiful things, this is such a fun gift.  Be sure to print out the step-by-step instructions for her, here.

Brown Cupcake Papers, $6

Seaside 6" Celebration Candles, $7.50

Jumbo Star Tip, $4

18" Pastry Bags, $14.50

Everyday Essentials

When I'm giving a gift I like to give something that will brighten their day, everyday.  Little daily luxuries can be such a treat.  This collection of is perfect for anyone that loves to spend time at home, whether setting a beautiful table, baking treats for friends or organizing a to-do list over coffee.  These are things that are enjoyed everyday.

Everyday Labels & Tags, $8-12.50

Cello Bags, $5.50 - 9.50

Everyday Candle, $16.50

Linen Tea Towels, $24 for 2

Hand Dipped Taper Candles, $10.50

Tablet + LePen, $12-14

Baker's Essentials

It is such a treat to update and upgrade things that are a part of you're daily routine.  If your Mom (or the Mom of your Grandkids) loves to spend time in the kitchen, here are somethings that she might love. 

Vanilla Bean Paste, $12.50

White Tall Cupcake Papers, $6

Parchment Paper Sheets, $14

Kraft Loaf Pans, $12.50

Starburst Tip, $4

Sprinkles & Sugars, $12.50 each

"Craft Room Queen" Essentials :

There is nothing more fun than to stock your craft room with fabulously fun ribbons, labels, twine and kraft boxes... imagine the possibility of what you could create!

Printable Labels, $6.50
When I first opened the store I offered custom printed labels that I designed for each individual order.  It was a little to hard to keep up with the demand, so I removed it as an option.  After several requests, the labels are back with a twist... you get to print them yourself!  You can download the templates on the product page, here.

Baker's Twine, $8-16

Grosgrain, Cotton & Satin Ribbon $10-25

Kraft Gift Boxes, $14.50


Lemon Meringue Cupcake Kit 

Nothing says Mother's Day like Lemon Meringue.  Why do we Moms love lemon so much?  Maybe it is fresh and springy, or maybe because it feels like a "healthier" dessert?  These lemon meringue cupcakes would be a great gift or addition to your Mother's Day celebration.

Starburst Tip, $4

Brown Cupcake Papers, $6

Seaside 6" Celebration Candles, $7.50

18" Pastry Bags, $14.50

Here is the easy-to-pin strip!