I took advantage of the warm weather last weekend.

It was 67 degrees (19 C for the rest of the world) last Sunday so I thought it would be the perfect day to deck the halls outside.  

I love my Werner Ladder.  I got it with American Express Reward Points.  I swear it weighs 100 pounds and I pinch my finger at least once each time I use it, but it gets in to some really awkward places and I always feel safe.

I screwed really large cup hooks just above each of the porch columns from which I hung the cedar garland.

I think my house was made for Christmas.

We're quickly approaching the darkest days of winter--solstice is only two weeks away!-- so I love having white lights to brighten up the darkness.

Now I just need to get up the nerve to get up into the scary attic again to do my candles in the windows.

Someone asked if I was going to gussy up the wreath.  I was really liking the simple green square on the black door so I added a black and white striped ribbon and called it done.

I think the ribbon is all the gussy it needs.  

To stay with that reduced color palette, I flanked the door with pots of white pine and yellow dogwood twigs.  No green and red.  I think it's really refreshing.

I'll take a photo of the entire house as soon as there's no car parked in front.

I'll probably do a little decorating in the garden tomorrow and then I'll focus on the inside.