Last year we got a Frasier Fur from a tree from in Kansas City - it had been shipped in from New England.  This year, we jumped in the car are drove up to Vermont to cut down our own Frasier Fur at a Christmas Tree Farm.  We could have found one in Massachusetts, but I wanted it to feel like "Christmas" for our Tree Hunt - it had snowed in Vermont the week of Thanksgiving, so that is where I wanted to go!

 Mr. Darcy loves the snow!

Santa was even there.

 Mike and the Mister... trying to keep him out of the mud for the car ride home.

Mr. thought this try would be perfect... just his size.  We kept looking....

D can smell the fresh cut!

Mountain man : )

They shook the tree to get the loose needles off and wrapped it in twine to make it easier to bring in the house.

 Mike loaded it on the car.

This was our view as we left with our tree!  To see it decorated in our house, click here!