First of all, WOW, thank you for all the comments!  This blog is a creative outlet for me but it's also a part-time job and your comments are my salary.  I think it's safe to say I just got a Christmas bonus.

Thank you very much!

The second tree I bought is a Weeping White Spruce and it's a living tree.  Since it will only grow about 10 feet tall and will stay quite narrow, I thought it would be perfect for my yard.  I'll plant it on my driveway side of the house so that when I expand and renovate the kitchen, I'll have a view of it from the kitchen sink.  

In case I ruined the other tree, this was my backup plan.  But why not enjoy it in the house for a short time anyway?

It's the perfect size for the dining room (albeit a few inches too tall).

I'm continuing with the woodland theme I've used in a lot of recent posts and using materials that are natural for the most part.

I've added some grapevine ball lights (available from, some blue-green eucalyptus, fronds from the back porch Boston fern (these live for weeks without water!), a few antlers...

...a garland of pinecones, sweet gum pods, wood chips, walnuts, a few little moss-covered nests into which I've placed a craft store partridge and few moss green floral ornaments for the little shimmer.

The tree is in a plastic container which I just placed in a large ceramic planter from the back porch and topped it off with some more moss.

Here's the kitty shot.

It wasn't until later that I noticed the other one
sitting on the refrigerator in the kitchen.  

I think he's wondering, "Can I jump on this thing?"

Around the base of the tree I've borrowed a few baskets from around the house which could certainly be used as a creative and green way to wrap a few presents.  These act as a base for some of the bulbs I'm growing.  On the left is a piece of artwork by Massachusetts artist Dawn Southworth (remember the wrenches in the middle bedroom?).  The artwork is diverting heat from a register in the floor but I kind of like how it looks too.

The table was made after I found the amazing antique pedestal seen below.  It was missing its top so a new top was made that was covered with zinc to update it.

On the table I have a kuba cloth that a bought several years ago with the intention of making it into pillows.  I might still but I think it looks great as a table runner.  On top of that is my advent wreath of Great Grandma's candle clips, a silver bowl with beach wood I've collected in Maine and the brass pitcher with  some of the trimmings from the other tree.

The Money Shot that'll end up on Pinterest

I love this little tree and I'm looking forward to having
Christmas dinner in here by tree and candlelight.

Now it's time to get all the boxes (hiding stage right) back down to the basement.  Except for Christmas dinner, all the preparations are done and it's time to enjoy.

Talk to you later in the week before the big day but today I'm linking to Cottage & Vine's Room by Room.

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