Last week we had some visitors in Concord.  A team from came out to do a 4th of July shoot - my first video shoot.  The video posts tomorrow (Thursday) morning - I'll share a link as soon as it is up! UPDATE : here is the link to the video!

The table was set with flags and berries in baskets... I set the scene and they brought their equipment to film.   Here are all of my props before we set the table.  Everything was shot step-by-step.

Jealous of their fancy lenses.  Of course, I talked the photographer's ear off about photography...

...anything for some free photog lessons, right?  It was great just to watch him and take notes.

The blueberries are ready... almost a little too ready as they were baking in the hot sun we had last week. 

In my kitchen, they filmed me making a Red White & Blue 4th of July Ice Cream Cake... it looked a lot different in there than it does when it is just me and my camera on a little tripod.  Now I know why the Barefoot Contessa built a barn! 

Emma's first shoot- she's a natural.

Visit here to see the beautiful video they created and all of the details from the Star-Spangled 4th of July Party.