When I was getting the house ready for the photoshoot last summer, I hired a neighbor's son to remove all the grass and weeds from my lame front yard and plant a row of hydrangea across the front of the porch and mulch the entire area.  We discussed Limelight or Annabelle but I came home to find blue Endless Summer.  I've never loved the blue variety on anything but a shingled cottage by the sea but I didn't have time to do anything about it.

I thought I might move them to the side yard this year but after seeing how well they're performing,
I have to admit they're kind of growing on me.

One of them that was a very pale blue last year seems totally white this year.

And one mutant group of flowers is totally different than the other.  The petals are much larger and the centers are blue.  How weird is nature?

I also love the variation in color.  Some are speckled with white and others lean toward purple.

In the side garden, a lone volunteer hollyhock is putting on a great show.

And I always love the contrast of the daisies against the Japanese maple.

When I went to the garden center to look for things for the planters at the front door, I just couldn't find anything that moved me.  I walked around, filled up my cart and then emptied it and started from scratch.  I ended up with coleus, some kind of begonia, an oxalis and licorice plant.  It's a little darker than I was hoping for but it's something a little different.

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