For the Tomato Tasting Dinner Party, I wanted the setting to be very simple- farm-to-table-esque.

-Red Striped Natural Linen Napkins (that I made- see note below)
-A Cherry Tomato
-Herb Box Centerpiece (see note below)
-Match Pewter Bud Vase with White Zinnia
-Pewter Flatware
-White Pantry Plates
-Country Wine Glasses
-French Water Glasses
-Bare Wooden Table

I made the napkins out of a natural linen fabric and painted red stripes around the bottom edge using a dry brush technique.   


I have made several varieties of napkins and towels for my home using this same technique.  It is so simple- the only skill required is being able to sew a straight line... actually you don't even need to be able to sew if you can find the napkins pre-made, you can just add the stripes to embellish them.

Here is the complete DIY for the hand-painted linens!

The herb box is at work again... this time I've added fresh basil to go withe the tomato theme.

Here is the link to the DIY instructions for creating your own!

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