All the floor joists are out.

It was at this point, I considered just filling the basement with water and calling it
an indoor swimming pool.  But I thought with all the old plumbing still in place,
I shouldn't tempt fate.  This, I believe (and hope), is the worst of the worst.  

We've been called to the principal's office--summoned to the building inspector's office--
to provide more information for the building permit.  We've already provided the plans
but they've requested photos of the porches, the windows and a site survey of the property.
In such a congested urban area, almost every structure violates current zoning
setback requirements so changes to structures, including changes to windows
and doors, can require special permits.  That could delay the project by two months.

Stayed tuned.

 Thank you for all the great suggestions on the time capsule.  
You're not just a bunch of pretty faces, you're all really smart too!

I've pulled a lot of things together, and I'll compile a list of everything I put in.