Oftentimes when renovating my old house, I've wished I had an extra set of hands.  But sometimes and extra set of legs also comes in handy. 

I first came across these legs at Smith-Zukas a few months ago.  Art Smith had attached the legs, which are actually Eastlake period casket stands (no kidding!), to an old two-panel door to create a beautiful sofa table.  These turn up regularly on ebay!  I had never seen anything like them before so I was really disappointed to find out it had been custom made for a Boston interior designer who has a place up on the coast.

On my most recent visit to Art's shop, I was surprised to see the table there.  It didn't work out in the designer's space so it came back to the shop.  The entire table was too big for my house so after debating their placement in the house with Carol for a little bit, I decided to take just the legs. Carol thought they would make a great pair of demilune bedside tables and I think that's what they'll end up.  I think they'd look great with a half round of old marble.

In the meantime, I thought they'd be perfect for a little sideboard in the dining room, a little table out on the backporch, or a sweet little TV tray on which to enjoy my Salisbury steak that just folds up and tucks away in a closet.  For a top, I used an old frame into which I've put a sheet of decorative paper.  Nothing new, you've probably seen it done a bunch of times.

And then I just set the frame across the two legs.

Perfect for an end-of-summer nautical vignette.