As you may recall, about a month ago, I dedicated a post to my search for a living room rug.  It needed to be big - really big.  I wanted it to be wool, neutral in color, soft and comfy for Emma and within a reasonable budget.  I was even willing to be a little flexible on the budget for the right rug... but a "budget" can really run wild in the rug department.

At some point along the way I found myself at a store looking at rugs that were $6,000+... then Mike says, "Jenny, you do realize that you have a 9-month-old baby and a dog, right?  And people are going to be walking on this thing.  With shoes."  Humph.

I looked back at my original "The Great Rug Debate" post and read the comments that you had left - I noticed a reoccurring theme...  And so I went.

And I found!  I had originally thought I wanted a grey rug, but after searching there and not finding anything I was in love with, I broadened my search to include "neutral." 

I'm in love.  When I saw this rug, I assumed that it was priced similarly to other large (9x12) rugs I had seen on the site - probably around $1,200-1,800.  Perfect.  But guess what...

The 9x12 was only around $500.  What?!  So, feeling like I had just found an extra bag of gold, I went ahead and ordered the next size up - a whopping 10.5 x 14 for around $650, delivered.

I really owe you all for the recommendation - like an extra $1000! 

Rug Source : "Handmade Treasured Sand" Area Rug