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 I've been saving this one.  Immediately, I knew it would be a favorite.  And it is.  Of course, I love any and every kind of pasta... especially with a tomato cream sauce.  I'm not sure why, but it seems that "Vodka Sauce" is really just tomato cream sauce.  I'm not sure exactly what the Vodka adds, but so the recipe goes.

I made slight revisions (of course, because you know I can't just do what I'm told...) :

- I did not puree the sauce.  I really like the texture of the hand-crushed tomatoes
- I did not use fresh oregano because I didn't have time to go the "good grocery store" to get it.  So,  I just used dried as directed.
- I only cooked the sauce in the oven for 1 hour, vs. the 1 hour 45 minutes, as directed.  We were hungry!

This recipe is so delicious - very similar (but simpler) to the Tomato Cream Sauce I used to "Jazz Up Frozen Ravioli" in taste, but different in preparation.

Another winner from The Barefoot Contessa!