These days there is a lot of chatter about the dangers of "If, When, Then... I'll be happy" thinking.  Though I'm aware of the pitfalls, I'm not immune to their beckoning.

It is so easy to get caught up in "Only if..." ways of thinking.

When we were little, everyone taught us to dream... Now we're told to be happy with what we have.  Who knew day dreaming could be so bad?  What if I like living in my head every now and again, and dream about what might be?

What if I don't want to give up my dreamy thoughts in order to "be present."  Is one exclusive of the other?  I believe that good can come out of day dreaming - it is where creativity lives.

I guess the difference is that I refuse to wait.  I think the danger lies in never making the effort to make those day dreams come to fruition. 

While day dreaming about our future kitchen, where I'll have a big marble topped island and plenty of beautiful storage, I started to think about how great it will be to have an area in the kitchen where I can work.   I imagined I'd sit at a desk looking out a huge window while I blog... a day dream in itself. the Today Show, and store my cookbooks (who am I kidding, my barefoot books...).

Then I thought, why wait until then? 

Ah!  The moment all of us creative types crave - where day dreams and reality merge.

The ability to create something from nothing.

Can you believe that I already had this desk - hiding away in our guest room.  It matches the style of the shelving nicely.  

 I'll still allow myself to dream of the bigger kitchen, but I will do so gladly from my pretty little "kitchen office."

See the "other" side of our DIY kitchen and how we installed the open shelving that we mimicked in the "office" side, here.


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