I was out and about last weekend and came across some amazing "flowers" from PTMD Collection and I wanted to share them with you.  They immediately reminded me of...

Six Swans Entry, Designer:  Steven Gambrel
...the foyer of the Six Swans house designed by Steven Gambrel that I highlighted in the
A Room with Two Views post I did with Camille from The Vintique Object.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at these faux "flowers," made from some kind of foam, 
and juxtapose those against some other rooms in the Six Swans house.

The connection seems to go beyond color palette; many of the plants seem like
they have come from under water.

I've been admiring this bathroom since I first saw it.
I love the wave pattern on the sink.

These "flowers" reminded me most of sea creatures, resembling something
of a cross between oysters and barnacles...

...can almost be seen growing in the pattern on the chairs that are
sitting on a sandy sea floor.

The "flowers" come in black, brown, white, blue, purple, green and gray.
The ones I've shown are all gray.

 To see more of the Six Swans house visit Steven Gambrel's website and
or the Frank Greenwald Architect website for the exterior shots.

PTMD Collection flowers are available locally at Winston's

I thought they were really unusual.  Have you seen anything like them before?