I got new tile today...from Roma Tile in Watertown.  The other tile store wouldn't
take back the other floor tile because it was "special order."  That was news to me.
And there's nothing on their invoice to state a special order could not be exchanged
or returned.  I may pursue it but thankfully the cost isn't a huge deal in the scheme
of things.  I'll probably donate it to a charity when I donate my kitchen appliances.

The people at Roma were much more helpful and gave me samples so
I could see everything in my house which makes all the difference in the world.

The new floor tile is Sant'Agostino Ferro, a ceramic tile from Italy.
The color is called black but it's a dark gray with subtle striations of lighter
gray and a tiny but of rust.  I got it in 6-inch by 24-inch pieces which I'll
stack in a grid pattern.  And it was a very reasonable $8.95 per square foot.

Although it could lean to a very modern setting...

...I think it has very traditional soapstone associations.  

I actually also see it as foundation of gray flannel.
The white subway tile will be a crisp white cotton shirt. 
And with a Greek key belt.

I'm much more comfortable with this choice.

The plumbing and electrical work have begun and I hope to have
the inspections completed next week so we can start closing up the walls.

I thought the beams in the ceiling just outside the bathroom were worth showing.
Not only are they gorgeous but there's some markings carved into them.
I'm not exactly sure what they mean but I think it's some method of keeping
track of which beams go where or some kind of checks-and-balances system to
ensure that all joists were pegged in to the main beams.  There are very 
few of these big major beams and as much as I love them, their placement
just didn't make sense leaving them exposed.

And, finally, thank you all for your well wishes for Angus!
He just had his follow-up visit to the ophthalmologist and he's
healed very well.  The surgery cost about the same as a 
Shaw sink and Rohl bridge faucet but it was well worth it.

Here's the happy boy this morning.  He's one handsome dude.