In the condo where I lived previously, my kitchen was circa 1920. It was low on technology but huge on charm. The cabinets were all hand made and been painted scores of times, the floors were wide pine and there was a large double apron sink. On one side the sink was so deep, I was able to keep a dish rack in it to drain dishes and you could barely see it when you walked into the room. I loved my old sink.

Even though I'm working on my "dining study," my mind keeps wandering to what I'll do with the kitchen. Even though I'd like an updated layout and new appliances, I want to avoid it looking like it came from a showroom; in fact, I really don't want it to look new. I think these old apron sink immediately bring a vintage air to any kitchen so I think I need to start my search for the perfect one.
I love the look of this kitchen with the painted floor, glass front cabinets and schoolhouse light but I'm not so sure about the visible plumbing. I don't have steam radiators but I love the little shelf that they installed over it to display a few kitchen plants.

The thing I love most about this kitchen is you could totally transform it with a coat of paint. Paint the walls ivory, the cabinets black and the floor red and you've got an entirely different look.
The skirt idea is one I find a attractive but maybe a little girly. I might do something a little more tailored.
I am totally in love with this kitchen from an old Martha article. It takes me to another place and time. I think I envisioned this kitchen as I read the "The Secret Life of Bees" and I was happy to see that they used something similar in the movie.
Here's an almost identical sink they've put in a bathroom. A little out of the ordinary maybe but certainly more practical than a vessel sink. I love you the drain board is being utilized as a counter.
This is actually a new sink I found for sale on the internet. New is always nice but it can't be too shiny or it would be an immediate giveaway. I hope to find a vintage one in great condition that I can give a new home. So my eyes are peeled!
It's a long weekend for us here in Boston. It's marathon day so the city shuts down so everyone can cheer the runners on. Hope everyone has a great one and I'll think of you on Monday!