Darby Road.  It's a not a road; it's a store. 

I wouldn't normally do a post on a place that was recently blogged about by designer Katie Rosenfeld but I'm pretty sure our audiences are different and I SO love this store in Waltham, Massachusetts, I wanted to share it.  

Let me just show you a little bit of their selection.

The main store has a wonderful selection of antiques...

...and new furniture beautifully reproduced to look antique....

...Persian rugs...

...unique one-of-a-kind items...

...and decorative accessories.  

I must have startled this wood.  It was petrified.

Need a 7-foot pond yacht?  Yup, they've got it.

How about this amazing circa 1880 faux bamboo English chest?

Detail of trompe l'oeil bamboo.  All I can say is je t'aime!

This would make a great DIY project for an old dresser.

A custom zinc "farm" table with great base made of old wood.

Reproduction sawbuck table.

Mid-Century French end table.

Great vintage brass lamp.

They also have a nice selection of antique Chinese furniture and pottery.

More pottery.  I love the pair in back with the Greek key design.

The owner, Jon, also has a great eye for art.  I'm really intrigued by this piece which I thought had a real Rockport or Gloucester feel and looks quite skillfully executed.  It reminds me of Edward Hopper's paintings of Gloucester.  I took this home for $150 and I'm looking forward to researching the artist.

But wait, let's go check out their warehouse around the corner.

The warehouse is stuffed to the gills with more furniture, lamps, rugs and accessories.  

This Louis Phillipe chest with marble top is really handsome.

Lots of very Darryl Carter-looking pieces. 

Love this.

A few Swedish Gustavian chests.  I've always wanted one of these.

Someone PLEASE go buy this antique Danish chest!  It's so unique.

Detail of painted surface and brasses.

How about an antique French bibliotheque?

Detail of painted chest in warehouse.

I've long felt that Boston antique stores were missing good furniture.  Now I know where it all is.  There's some great inspiration here and I'm ready to start with a new plan for the bedroom.

Darby Road is open seven days a week; the outlet is open Saturdays and by appointment.  Tell them I sent you!

1395 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02451