It seems that peeling bedroom walls are huge right now!

According to Anthropolgie, I'm right on trend. 

Let's see what other inspiration they can provide.

The caved-in ceiling look.  There's a DIY project I could tackle.

The tousled covers.  No problem.  I'm a master at that.

A little vintage wallpaper with an old wedding dress adds a little romance.

And look at the masterful editing. 

Not a single Gustavian nightstand, gourd lamp or ikat window treatment cluttering up the space!

No ceiling fixture.  Just a hole.  The bling is left to the viewer's imagination.

Apparently you can even place the bed right in front of the bathroom door now!
I never would have come up with that idea on my own.

Anthropologie:  Thanks for the inspiration!  

I thought I was going to have to start from scratch on the bedroom
but it seems I'm almost done!  ;)