The beautiful sunny morning didn't speak of the approaching hurricane.  It seems that we'll be spared the worst but we'll be on the windy side of the storm which means flying debris and possible downed trees and power outages.  I don't really have any hatches to batten but a few preparations seem logical like shopping for groceries and getting all the laundry done.

The back porch furniture is also getting rounded up.  The topiary that have made a happy home of the back porch for the summer are also coming in.  Winds of 50 to 70 miles an hour could surely send them flying.  

I love the green algae that's developed on the shaded pots.

The kitchen doors are all painted and the hardware is on.  Even though the other hardware in the kitchen is nickel, I chose the same bronze knobs that will eventually be used throughout the house.  These doors will eventually be used on the closet and bathroom upstairs.

Here's a picture of the old sliding doors before I did the most recent work to spruce up the kitchen.

I'm really happy I did this work.

The sun is gone and storm will be settling in overnight.  Bands of heavy rain are just beginning.  Water is already seeping in to the basement but I don't expect any major water problems.  I do worry about my big old tree though.

I hope everyone in Irene's path is and will be safe and well.