Ever since I saw a post on Willow Decor about adding patina to your walls, I've wanted to strip the paint off the curved base moldings on my steps, I hope they look like just this.  I'd also be happy to have this Zoffany wallpaper.  The pattern is called Gustavus which I found curious because I associate the laurel wreath pattern with Napoleon and neoclassical design.  But, it turns out, Gustav spent a great deal of time in France so Gustavian design is highly inspired by the french neoclassical movement.  Who knew?  I guess that's what you learn in design school. 

But I've also become infatuated with this wallpaper called Medevi.  When I did the facelift in my master bedroom, I chose a gray and white damask wallpaper which I love to this day. It's completely vinyl and was about $8 a roll which was my budget after just buying the house.  When I renovate the master bathroom, I also plan to gut the master bedroom so I can insulate all of the walls and above the ceiling and I'd love to upgrade to something nicer like this. 

I think many of these Zoffany wallpapers are perfect for an old house.   Can't you almost see Thomas Jefferson sitting on one of these chairs putting on his boots....or his wig.

Or Martha Washington soaking in this tub knowing that the British would soon be coming.

Zoffany wallpaper is apparently only to the trade but I did find it on Wallpaper Direct out of the UK.  Just don't buy it all up, okay?  I'm saving my pennies.

But I think the room would look more like this.

I'd probably pair it up with some great chests from Lone Ranger Antiques like these.  I guess I should be saving nickels.

Here are few other interesting wallpapers.  This one is called Facade.

This one is called Rome.  I think these really busy patterns are best used in small spaces where there's just a little bit of it.  I think a powder room that had cream or gray wainscotting on the bottom half would be a perfect place to use it.

This one is called Pillar.  It appears like the column bases and capitals come in different pieces which makes sense.  The fluted part of the column is then cut to fit your wall.  I think it would be fun to cut the columns out and just put them, say, flanking a doorway. 

Zoffany also has some great fabrics.  This is an ocelot print in cut velvet.  It would go great with your Mary McDonald leopard drapes, right?

It seems like wallpaper is making a huge comeback.  What are your thoughts on it?

Love it?

Hate it?

Would try it but you don't know how to hang it?

Love it but you don't want to take it down in a few years when you're tired of it?