I don't care one bit about losing an hour's sleep.  I love when the clocks spring ahead.  It's my own official beginning of spring.  Getting out of work when it's still daylight always allows me to get more out of my day.

To mark spring's arrival, I stopped to visit Shelley and Sarah at Bow Street Flowers where roses, tulips and the most amazing purple Queen Anne's Lace where selling like hotcakes.  The hyacinths had already sold out. It seems like everyone was celebrating spring with fresh flowers.  I felt lucky to get my own bundle of cherry and quince branches.

I thought I'd take advantage of the crusty pink backdrop one last time before things get patched up and painted.

This bedroom used to be the kitchen of the upstairs apartment when this was a two-family home.  I think there was an old apron sink attached to this wall adjacent to the bathroom.

I'm not sure why they tint the joint compound but I was shocked to see that it was straight up Bubbalicious pink.  The pink actually goes away before it dries so I don't see the point.

On all the other walls, there's an indentation created by an old chair rail.  It's pretty easy to fill in so a second coat tomorrow should do it.  And then I'll be able sand after work next week..before it gets dark each day.

The cats keep a close eye to make sure I'm doing a good job.

Happy Spring!


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